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From Howard Cary Morris <>
Subject RE: Source code
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2018 21:29:52 GMT
Trying to use wiki – keeps referring to something else I must read first which refers me
to something else I must read first. That includes what I thought ere the modules. Luckily,
I can read code. If you send me a list of modules and where they are located. I will build
my own tools to do the analysis and figure out what to change.

If you want to try what I have built so far,
is the transaction that I change .html code generated by Open office (save as html) to a .htm
file. If you find any bugs. Let me know. Last thing I worked on was showing header for document.
One of the bugs, from my point of view is that I have no indication where the page breaks
occur (so I know where more headers and footers go).

From: Peter kovacs <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 7, 2018 2:44:52 AM
Subject: RE: Source code

Awesome. I hope you bring some endurance.
I help you the best to my abilities.

We will find a way to integrate your code, no worries.
I can imagine to give you commiter rights or I pull your code over github and push it in your
name to trunk.
We will find a way together, okay?
Let's focus on code production first. When there is something to commit we discuss the way.

I suggest to leave existing filters intact and do an html5 one.

>My code has found some errors in current generated code
What do you mean? Can you explain one case?
The current html4 code does not produce pure html4. It is something the browser can work with.
There have been reports in the past about it.
Or do you talk about bad code?

Wiki stuff
To me the wiki is a haystack.
I think here you find some hints:

I think there is more. I hope I will find time for some research.

Am 7. August 2018 00:26:42 MESZ schrieb Howard Cary Morris <>:
>Goals are
>1) generate HTML5 code
>2) Make output same as print file (browser print gives same report)
>3) Show where page breaks are
>           (add page headers/footers for each page)
>4) Be able to embed output in an iframe
>         (allowing us to compete with PDF with much smaller size files)
>I have written some PHP and HTML that messages the current html output.
>However, was told you wanted differences in code.
>My code has found some errors in current generated code
>PS where on wiki?
>From: Peter Kovacs <>
>Sent: Monday, August 6, 2018 5:15:06 PM
>Subject: Re: Source code
>There is no easy way to answer this.
>Some are explained on wiki. You get clues by looking at the source
>and code.
>In case of saving and writing specific files the module filter might be
>a good starting point.
>However this is from my side a shot in the blue. If you describe what
>your goal is maybe you get a better answer.
>I heared Libre Office have established a text file in each of their
>modules what the module is about.
>We might want to copy the idea, even if we are not able to copy their
>words because of license stuff.
>On 06.08.2018 22:25, Howard Cary Morris wrote:
>> Some time ago I made a copy of the source code.
>> I may be ready to do something.
>> Need to know where I can find out what each sub-module does.
>> I am especially interested in modules invoked with
>> “Save as HTML document”
>> Howard
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