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From Archie Dyno Wizard <>
Subject New cool feature
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2018 03:59:30 GMT
Dear developers! I'm beginning my experience with OpenOffice Calc, and I'm finding a few ugly
bugs. First I think I'm too stupid, but then I realize it is a bug that doesn't depend on
my knowledge. I have made one bug report about calculating time consumption and using the
result in a formula for next cell.. But this mail is not about that. I was trying to find
how to make my spreadsheet to fill cells according to previous cell, and finally I've found,
that there is no option for that, so I created a long formula based on "IF" logic task. So
now when I type a Name in "LOCATION" cell, it automatically recognizes it, and fills following
cells "MILES", "POSTCODE", and "PAYRATE". Makes it so much easier, but makes difficult creating
and maintaining the formula. So for now my 3-customer formula looks like this:
 =IF(C371="global stansted";"CM235PU";IF(C371="Mojito";"PE301AN";IF(C371="grafton cambridge";"CM11HE";"-")))
And it is only beginning of my Self Employment.

 So my suggestion is to create an additional AutoFill form where user can make a list of related
data in specific columns or rows to fill up multiple cells at the same time.

Thank you very much for such a wonderful opportunity to use a free Office Sofware!!! You guys

Attaching a piece of my Spreadsheet that shows  bug in calculation of a "TOTAL INC" column,
and the idea about AutoFill...

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