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From Mechtilde <>
Subject Re: New SDF files for 4.2.0
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2018 06:59:31 GMT

Am 04.12.18 um 23:09 schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
> On 26/11/2018 Mechtilde wrote:
>> I started there:
> Thanks for bringing us back on track for localization. The documentation
> is still a bit short, but progress on Pootle is really nice.

I will work at the wiki next weekend. I worked out a dokumentation in
German locally.

> Do we have a VM snapshot from before the first upload of the new files?
> The Pootle VM is administered by Infra directly, so it will be enough to
> ask them to store somewhere a snapshot from mid-November.

I don't know
> When we are sure that we have an old snapshot it is possible to go on
> and test with more freedom.
> I didn't have time to test when you put online DE and IT only, but I'll
> try with a trunk build and see. I expect many strings to be in English,
> as I haven't done any work in Pootle to "unfuzzy" the moved
> translations. Just let me know if I should check for something in
> particular.

As described at l10n I 'm going on to prepare more and more langauges
with the recent strings.I build all languages on my CentOS 7 VM. Mtthias
mostly build the languages on his Windows machine.

The sdf files of de, pl, pt, it, ar, kab, he, pl, ro, uk, lt are also
committed and de, pt, it, he is also built by buildbots.

Mechtilde Stehmann
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