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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject When will HTML save small caps correctly (check Issue 127957)
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2018 17:33:03 GMT
Mapfus has reported a bug and now is asking if we have an ETA in his bug
report. I pick his question up. And write to @dev and @recruitment,
explaining a bit. Usually @dev is the best place to ask this kind of

To learn more on mailing lists in general please see:

Dear Mapfus,

our project is organized completely by people like you. Some have build
skills needed or bring skills they have from their background.

All have in common that we currently do this in our free time and
unpaid. This slows down development, and makes planing unpredictable.

If someone picks the Issue up it will be fixed or like most Issues we
have, have to wait for the appropriate time to be attractive to be
looked into.

Howard has made some work on HTML5, since we support currently only
html4. Maybe he reads this and decides to look into it, maybe he sticks
to his plans.

Maybe someone else wants to look into it. IT is completely open to those
who volunteer.

I have developed a strategy to try to bundle Packages to advertise them
in case someone asks. For this goal I have opened up a trello list which
I am currently maintain alone.

Your bug has already been added to the trello board. And I plan to
search for more html4 Issues. Add them, and do some advertisement. Maybe
someone takes the interest up.

Also I try to track what we are working on, by moving the cards, based
on the discussions made on dev. I do not track names thought. So far the
interest in the trello board is rather marginal.

I hope this helps you to have an Idea about the current development

Thanks for reporting the Issue. We are happy on all contributions that
brings this Project forward.

All the best


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