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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Issues with EPS is this a printer related or more filter related?
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2019 23:35:04 GMT
Hi -

> On Feb 5, 2019, at 3:26 PM, Marcus <> wrote:
> Am 03.02.19 um 02:37 schrieb Peter Kovacs:
>> As you know I  sort and Order Issues we have in our databes in order to
>> get a better feeling where to plan changes in the code.
>> I do not know how to deal with Issues around the EPS Export. Is this
>> more a Filter issue or is this more in terms of Printing? What would you
>> say? Or some other connect?
> it's a file format that describes data in a graphical way. A modern format today is PDF.
> In OpenOffice Impress and Draw you can export a file into the EPS file format.
> Of course you can give an EPS file to a printer or printer shop. But you can do this
also with other file formats.

EPS files are Encapsulated Postscript files which have been supplanted by SVG (Scalable Vector
Graphics) and PDF (Portable Document Format.) It is very much similar to a Postscript file
for printing with the differences related to bounding box and preview images in EPS vs. Page
flow control in Postscript files.

I did a lot of work producing EPS for pages (in Fortran) and then scripting the collation
of these into Postscript print files which were either printed or “distilled” into a PDF.
(PDF is a essentially a limited dialect of Postscript.)

What are the bugs that are happening with EPS?


> My 2ct.
> Marcus
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