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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Fwd: English Dictionaries publish
Date Wed, 01 May 2019 21:48:32 GMT
On 30/04/2019 Matthias Seidel wrote:
> Thanks, but it isn't visible until now:

There are two things that can be published or unpublished: extensions 
and releases.

The former link is the extension. This is the one that was inaccessible 
when Marco wrote, and also the one that I published.

I didn't touch releases for that extension.


Here I see that the latest version is number 46 from (approximately) 
March 1st. This is the one that is downloaded. Even when logged in as 
moderator, I don't see any unpublished releases.

Marco: are you sure that you didn't accidentally unpublish the extension 
instead of uploading the new release? Can you try again?

> I *think* that Marco was able to publish his extensions by himself until
> recently.

No moderation is needed for adding releases to an existing extension. 
But all extension owners can unpublish their extension, and only a 
moderator can republish them. It looks like this is what happened in 
this case.

> Maybe that is related to the non working noreply@ address?

No, that doesn't have an impact in terms of functionality. But it is 
very annoying since notifications are sent to that address instead of 
moderators. This should be fixed by SourceForge separately.


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