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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Broken tools from GIT migration
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2019 06:34:55 GMT
Unless the discussion about this happened off-list, the SVN to Git 
migration resulted in breaking some tools without any plans to fix them. 
I'm listing the ones I found so far, and the course of action I propose 
for each. As usual, 72 hours for lazy consensus before acting (but I can 
take care of all I propose below).

1) Fisheye

"We have an instance of Atlassian FishEye for source browsing, 
searching, reporting and visualization of main trunk (main development 
area)." (source.html)

Proposal: link to Github for the 
short term; when Opengrok is ready, link to it; tell Infra to explicitly 
kill the Fisheye instance. Or (if someone wants to take over since they 
do use Fisheye) ask Infra to link it to the new repository.

2) OpenGrok

This is already dead. I know Peter has it on his radar but I think we 
only have the empty VM for the time being. So, no action pending 
restoration of the service, and when it is restored it will of course 
point to Git.

3) Open Hub tracker

"Our SVN tree is read by the Open Hub tracker to generate some various 
statistics. Note that the migration from the legacy Mercurial repository 
to SVN at Apache has caused pre-existing files to be double-counted. But 
the contribution history should be intact." (source.html)

Proposal: tell them to please stop tracking; their data have always been 
wrong anyway, as they were tracking the wrong branches. If someone still 
wants OpenOffice to be on OpenHub instead, please take over, find who 
the admins are in our PMC and ask them to put the new repository URL.

4) Bugzilla annotator

Most of you should be aware that writing "#i123456#" in a commit log 
would automatically post that commit to Bugzilla as a comment for issue 
123456. The magic is done by a Python bot running on the MWiki server 
and parsing SVN logs.

Proposal: stop the Python script (obviously); if at least one other 
committer writes here that he thinks this feature is useful, I can 
modify the Python script to use Git and/or turn it into a Git hook; this 
may require substantial work.

5) Devtools

Our devtools are code and should have been included in the migration to 
Git. I didn't notice they were left out.

Proposal: talk to Infra to see if we can easily add them retaining 
history, or just copy them over from SVN and push this to Git. We could 
discuss for ages where they belong to, but some of them are definitely 
related to the source tree and as first approximation I would move 
(i.e., "keep") them there.


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