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From Carl Marcum <>
Subject Re: IDL plugin for wiki
Date Sun, 10 May 2020 15:39:51 GMT
Hi Mechtilde,

Yes this issue has went on for sometime.
I suspect something with an upgrade has caused it.

Unfortunately I know nothing about the plugin but I could fix the pages 
by removing the use of it with hard links to the IDL docs if necessary.

I've been falling back to an old OO.o 3.1 pdf of the guide for some time 
It would be good to have it fixed one way or the other as I reference 
the guide frequently.

I'll wait to see if anyone knows something about the plugin before 
proposing the workaround and taking action.


On 5/10/20 11:27 AM, Mechtilde wrote:
> Hello Carl,
> as I scroled back in the Mailinglist I found a thread with you and
> Andrea at end of 2018 about an incompatible Plugin to show subpages in
> the mediawiki,
> Maybe this helps a little
> Kind regards
> Am 10.05.20 um 16:51 schrieb Carl Marcum:
>> Hi All,
>> Does anyone know how to debug and fix the mediawiki plugin for
>> generating the links to the IDL documentation?
>> It seems all the Dev Guide pages that show blank have these <idlmodule>
>> or <idlm> tags in them and I suspect it may me the problem.
>> Example:
>> If no one can, I'll come back with a proposal to fix these pages with
>> hard links until someone can.
>> Thanks,
>> Carl

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