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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Re OpenOffice Spreadsheet suggestion
Date Sun, 26 Mar 2017 10:05:04 GMT
On 25.03.2017 23:57, Barnaby Guthrie wrote:
> Thanks for your excellent OpenOffice org system on the Mac. It’s a great replacement
for the MS Office program.
> A suggestion:
> In your spreadsheet section could you include a Command+D and Command+R routine for “Fill
Down” and “Fill Right” respectively? This would be a handy feature rather than having
to go up to “Fill” menu item in the “Edit” menu. These two fill operations we use
all the time; they would be handier if linked to the Command D and R commands.
> Your system is a treat to use. Do you provide your source code to users for their modifying
it themselves to suit their own purposes?
> Regards,
> Barnaby Guthrie

Hi Barnaby,

There is no need to change the program code, with very few operating
restrictions, you can customize the software's keyboard functions to be
whatever you choose.

I don't have access to an Apple computer right now, so the screen
captures below are taken from a Win 7 computer and read Ctrl+<key> to be
⌘ (Command)+<key>

  * From Calc's menu select “*/Tools → Customize…/*”.

  * In the "*/Customize/*" dialog (window) that opens, select the
    "*/Keyboard/*" tab, scroll down the list of "*/Shortcut keys/*" and
    select the one you want to modify (eg. Ctrl+D). Both Ctrl+D and
    Ctrl+R already have default shortcuts allocated to them, but you can
    override the defaults, or choose other unallocated shortcuts. In the
    "*/Functions -> Category/*" list select "*/Edit/*". In the
    "*/Functions -> Function/*" list select "*/Fill Down/*". Select
    whatever is shown in the "*/Functions -> Keys/*" box. Press the
    keyboard *Ctrl+D* key combination, select "/*Modify*/" button.

  * Repeat for Ctrl+R and other other modifications you wish to make.

The software's source code can be found here: However, you should be
aware that the code base is very large and extremely complex.

BTW. The documentation mailing list is not the best place to send
suggestions, the "Users" or "Developer" lists are more appropriate, see:


Please address any reply to the users mailing list only. Any messages
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