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From Barnaby Guthrie <>
Subject Re OpenOffice Spreadsheet suggestion
Date Sat, 25 Mar 2017 22:57:02 GMT
Thanks for your excellent OpenOffice org system on the Mac. It’s a great replacement for
the MS Office program.

A suggestion:

In your spreadsheet section could you include a Command+D and Command+R routine for “Fill
Down” and “Fill Right” respectively? This would be a handy feature rather than having
to go up to “Fill” menu item in the “Edit” menu. These two fill operations we use
all the time; they would be handier if linked to the Command D and R commands.

Your system is a treat to use. Do you provide your source code to users for their modifying
it themselves to suit their own purposes?


Barnaby Guthrie
Salt Spring Island, BC
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