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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Translation into polish
Date Sun, 07 Oct 2012 17:57:29 GMT
Bartosz Kozanecki wrote:
> Hi, I'm intrested in translating Open Office into Polish, so if you can
> notify me what should I do to help the project it will be great.

Welcome! Another volunteer, Łukasz Żołnowski, contacted us last week. 
I've put him in CC to keep him in the loop, so that we start a small 
team for Polish translations.

The first two steps are quite standard. We will probably put them on a 
web page, but for the moment you can find them below.

1) ooo-l10n is a discussion list, a very low-traffic one. Please 
subscribe to it by sending an empty e-mail to and confirming you want to 
subscribe (you will receive a confirmation e-mail). Otherwise you will 
likely miss answers.

2) Get ready to translate. Download POEdit for your operating system 
from and then try to open a PO file: open and 
right-click the "Download" link for app.po, then open it in POEdit to 
see the string that must be translated.

Once you are done with this, just write to ooo-l10n again and we 
(likely, Juergen, our release manager) will provide you with the 
complete set of files to be translated in order to bring translation at 
100%. If you have any problems, just ask.


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