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From Bartosz Kozanecki <>
Subject Thesautus for Polish language
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 09:00:34 GMT
Hi there,

Is there any chance to get Thesaurus for Polish language?


Bartosz Kozanecki

W dniu 08.10.2012 10:25, Jürgen Schmidt pisze:
> On 10/7/12 7:57 PM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> Bartosz Kozanecki wrote:
>>> Hi, I'm intrested in translating Open Office into Polish, so if you can
>>> notify me what should I do to help the project it will be great.
>> Welcome! Another volunteer, Łukasz Żołnowski, contacted us last week.
>> I've put him in CC to keep him in the loop, so that we start a small
>> team for Polish translations.
>> The first two steps are quite standard. We will probably put them on a
>> web page, but for the moment you can find them below.
>> 1) ooo-l10n is a discussion list, a very low-traffic one. Please
>> subscribe to it by sending an empty e-mail to
>> and confirming you want to
>> subscribe (you will receive a confirmation e-mail). Otherwise you will
>> likely miss answers.
>> 2) Get ready to translate. Download POEdit for your operating system
>> from and then try to open a PO file: open
>> and
>> right-click the "Download" link for app.po, then open it in POEdit to
>> see the string that must be translated.
>> Once you are done with this, just write to ooo-l10n again and we
>> (likely, Juergen, our release manager) will provide you with the
>> complete set of files to be translated in order to bring translation at
>> 100%. If you have any problems, just ask.
>> Regards,
>>    Andrea.
> I have created a tar.bz2 package containing all po files for UI and Help.
> You can split it yourself and can remove helpcontent2 (help files) and
> can concentrate on the UI files first if you like.
> Please create a new issue and append the translated po files there (or a
> link to another place) to coordinate the process. We have to merge the
> files back, create sdf files and integrate them in the build.
> Juergen

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