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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Polish translation (Re: Help I need an intelligent compare tool.)
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2012 08:05:19 GMT
On 10/10/12 9:46 AM, "Przemek Łęgowski @ WP" wrote:
> I got a technical question. When I open a file and even if it's not
> modified by me, when I try to verify it, the editor always shows me an
> error saying "One error was found in this translation", after clicking
> OK another error comes up saying "header field 'Project-Id-Version'
> still has the initial default value". If I modify a file i get another
> error saying "One error was found in this translation Element containg
> errors were marked with red. Details are visible when the item is
> clicked. File was saved safely, but it can't be compiled do .mo format
> and used" and then "header field 'Project-Id-Version' still has the
> initial default value". Am I doing something wrong?? I am running Win7 x86.

I am no translation expert and don't know POEdit, I hope somebody else
can help you.


> W dniu 2012-10-10 09:10, Jürgen Schmidt pisze:
>> On 10/10/12 9:02 AM, "Przemek Łęgowski @ WP" wrote:
>>> I got POEdit on my PC and the package with the files to translate. In my
>>> opinion we should figure out who is going to translate what to save time
>>> and don't do the same work many times. Is there a some kind of registry
>>> which can tell us which files are done and which are not? Where to send
>>> the already done files?
>> sure some coordination is necessary and the mailing list is one place
>> for that. We can also create a related wiki page where we can track who
>> is working on which files. I would suggest that you coordinate with
>> Bartosz the work for Polish.
>> The results (po files) should be append to a translation related issue.
>> Juergen
>>> W dniu 2012-10-10 08:34, Andrea Pescetti pisze:
>>>> On 09/10/2012 "Przemek Łęgowski @ WP" wrote:
>>>>> Sorry for interrupting this conversation. I asked about polish
>>>>> translation for AOO sometime ago but nobody send me any any info about
>>>>> that. If i still can help please tell me how.
>>>> Sure you can help now. The status on Polish translation is:
>>>> - Files to be translated are available at
>>>> ;
>>>> they can be divided among volunteers. Bartosz Kozanecki requested them
>>>> first (apparently we didn't receive your previous request here), so by
>>>> default he would take care of assigning them, but please coordinate
>>>> (here or in private, as you wish).
>>>> - To test you are ready to translate: download POEdit for your
>>>> operating system from and then try to open a PO
>>>> file from the archive above in POEdit to see the strings that must be
>>>> translated.
>>>> Regards,
>>>>    Andrea.

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