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From "Przemek Łęgowski @ WP" <>
Subject Re: Polish translation (Re: Help I need an intelligent compare tool.)
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2012 08:05:31 GMT
One more person said he can help with the translations, and asked to 
send him the files that need a to be translated. I wrote him back that 
in my opinion it's not a good idea because a better thing to do is me 
comleting my part and then send all the files to that other person to 
see if the translations are corect and make sense. What do You think 
about that idea?

PS. When errors like I mentioned earlier occour *.mo files are 
automatically created. For now the package with translated files weights 
about 1.8Mb. Will that be a problem??

W dniu 2012-10-11 08:49, Andrea Pescetti pisze:
> On 10/10/2012 Przemko WP wrote:
>> I got another question. In file aoo341_pl_20121010\pl\starmath\source.po
>> there are many diffrent math functions and other things. Please tell me
>> should the file contain logical symbols or just a english to polish
>> translation?? For example "is less or equal to" should be translated
>> normaly to polish or should by translated with a symbol like "<=".
> Just keep things as they are. So if it is "<=" translate with "<=", if 
> it is a descriptive text like "is less or equal to" translate with words.
>> Kozanecki has done a lot of translating and I'm doing the rest of it
> Great that you are coordinating. And indeed further volunteers can be 
> very helpful for checking.
>> I think that it would be
>> very helpfull if we and other translator could have a chance to see how
>> does our work effect look like in a life-working window.
> When the process is more stable, we will have the so-called "KeyId" 
> (kid) builds. These versions have extended strings, like "Load 
> [1234]", so you can be sure of what instance of "Load" in the 
> interface you are translating. We don't have them available at the 
> moment, unfortunately. It might be (but I haven't checked with 
> Juergen's files) that enabling comments in POEdit you can see 
> something referring to the context.
> Regards,
>   Andrea.

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