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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: being a newbie is sometimes difficult.
Date Sun, 14 Oct 2012 16:54:46 GMT
On 14/10/2012 jan iversen wrote:
> I thought openOffice was openOffice, but now I have learned there is
> something called LO and something (which I think is the real thing) called
> AOO, is that the "old" before apache version, and AOO is the apache world ?

LibreOffice is a fork of OpenOffice (at the time called 
started at the end of 2010. On an unrelated story, OpenOffice was 
donated by Oracle, that was steering the development at that time, to 
the Apache Foundation in June 2011 (and this meant that, while the 
common name is still OpenOffice, the official name was changed from 
"" to "Apache OpenOffice" to reflect the new situation). 
The two projects are independent.

> There is also a l10n.openoffice,org homepage which suggest that there is a
> project team thinking along the same lines as I do, but it has not been
> updated since august 2008...have I missed something or am I doing parallel
> work ?

Sure, write here where that page is and what must be done to fix it 
(those volunteers are not active any longer); if it is on the wiki, you 
can fix it yourself; if it is on the website, you can use 
the "Apache CMS bookmarklet" to propose changes to it (in that case, 
there's a video by Rob Weir on YouTube explaining how to use the CMS 
bookmarket; you should be able to find it).

> What is the board doing, when I started working with open source long time
> ago, it was all done in our spare time. Even when I worked with apache/AXIS
> it seemed quite simple, but all this voting etc....

We are in a crucial moment for the OpenOffice project. When OpenOffice 
came to Apache, in June 2011, it was put, like all new projects, in the 
"Apache Incubator" and it's hopefully "graduating" in a few days. When 
this is done, we will have less paperwork and more development activity.

> Ps. I am still working hard on the Localization document, and if the
> compiler wasn´t playing with me I would be one step further.

It's OK to ask about build issues on ooo-dev; that place is the primary 
development list, besides all the voting and other discussions that are 
currently ongoing.


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