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From Dick Groskamp <>
Subject Question about <caseinline> (was:)Re: Tracking translation volunteers on the wiki
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2012 15:42:23 GMT
Op 18-10-2012 15:54, John Rudolf H. Rask schreef:
> Does <caseinline select=\"MAC\">Æble</caseinline> mean that this
> translation also works at mac computers?
> Asta luego
> John
It does. The Helpfile makes a choice here:

If the systtem is a MAC-machine show  <caseinline 
If the systtem is a Windows-machine show  <caseinline 
(where I did not change the translation of "Æble", so the text is the 
same on Mac and WIN.)

You will probably find most of these cases where use of the Ctrl-key (On 
Windows) and Command-key or Apple-key (on MAC)
is involved, because where Ctrl is commonly used on Windows the jeys 
Command and Apple are on MAC
> 2012/10/18 Alexandro Colorado <>
>> On 10/18/12, jan iversen <> wrote:
>>> I have already put links in place, both on the localization page and on
>> the
>>> original (not old :) ) document.
>>> It is now updated with you snippet.
>> Since we are in this topic there is also another branch that would
>> need to be updated -- eventually. Which is the
>> website. This was updated back in 2010 and most of the update process
>> was documented here:
>> We should use this docs as a framework to see in what stages we want
>> to update the infromation and also to what extend. There is still a
>> lot of infrastructure to be done specially on QA-Testing and release
>> sync.
>>> jan
>>> On 18 October 2012 15:05, Alexandro Colorado <> wrote:
>>>> On 10/16/12, jan iversen <> wrote:
>>>>> Don´t misunderstand me, I think everybody does a nice job in getting
>> us
>>>> in
>>>>> the right direction.
>>>>> I agree with the structure as such, it is just at the moment a pain in
>>>> the
>>>>> neck when you search information (and not to forget, my old horse, the
>>>>> multiple logins).
>>>> Is called transitional period. It seems Apache people dont want to
>>>> deal with PHP, something that Sun didn't mind as much. So most
>>>> infrastructure (Mediawiki, PHPBBs, Drupal) are in a virtual
>>>> environment at the moment.
>>>> Multiple logins have always been an issue in OOo as a whole, the idea
>>>> of implementing OpenID came out several times, but many people didnt
>>>> seem to mind just having multiple accounts, so it never gained
>>>> traction.
>>>> Now at apache, doesnt seem that different except for pootle that share
>>>> your commit credentials with but neither
>>>> forums, extensions or cwiki share these credentials.
>>>>> I am just writing the last pages on "localization of AOO" describing
>>>>> the
>>>>> current l10n process as ground work for a discussion on where we want
>>>>> to
>>>>> go.
>>>> Again this should be included in MWiki IMO so there is no 'old
>>>> localization' and 'new localization'. I suggest a good start would be
>>>> to create links between them and mark outdated information as such.
>>>> MWiki had special tags for this.
>>>> <div>
>>>> <span style="border:1px solid #CC7777; background-color: #FFEDED;
>>>> padding: 4px; text-align: left; font-weight: bold; margin-bottom:
>>>> 20px;">
>>>> [[image:documentation_exclamation.png|40px]] This article is outdated.
>>>> </span>
>>>> </div>
>>>>> I was suggested to make a subpage of the current page in Wiki, that
>>>>> will
>>>> be
>>>>> easy for me, but at the same time shows, that we need to make a
>>>>> deadline,
>>>>> freeze the wiki for a couple of days and divide the pages.
>>>>> rgds
>>>>> JanI.
>>>>> On 16 October 2012 14:34, Rob Weir <> wrote:
>>>>>> On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 6:42 AM, RGB ES <>
>>>>>>> 2012/10/16 jan iversen <>
>>>>>>>> I is just a matter of how many accounts do you
want to
>>>>>> maintain
>>>>>>>> in order to help on AOO.
>>>>>>>> If I look for information regarding AOO I would look in
>>>>>>>> I would not think of
>>>>>>>> or have I misunderstood something ?
>>>>>>>> rgds
>>>>>>>> Jan I.
>>>>>>> If my memory do not betray me (I cannot find the thread) there
>>>>>>> (sort-of) an agreement to use cwiki for development matters and
>>>>>>> traditional wiki for community support. But it is better to not
>>>>>>> trust
>>>>>>> my
>>>>>>> memory... ;)
>>>>>> Historically there was a single website, that
>>>>>> both user-facing and project-facing.  It was a single domain
>>>>>> ( as well as subdomains for distinct projects.
>>   Behind
>>>>>> this domain were static web pages, a wiki, forums, extensions and
>>>>>> template libraries, etc.  So behind the scenes it was quite complex,
>>>>>> but to everyone it looked like "".
>>>>>> With the move to Apache the services were arranged differently.
>>>>>> Bugzilla is under an domain.   Apache Infrastructure
>>>>>> supported CWiki and MoinMoin, but not MWiki.  And all Apache projects
>>>>>> have an official page in the domain.
>>>>>> So the idea was that we would have two different experiences:  a
>>>>>> user-facing "product" website at, where we focus on
>>>>>> user-facing tasks like product information, downloads and support.
>>>>>> And a project-facing website, at an Apache domain, with information
>>>>>> for volunteers participating on the project.  So product versus
>>>>>> project.  The split is imperfect, since there is still a lot of
>>>>>> project-related content on the domain.  But I think
>>>>>> we've done a good job at making the user experience be clean.  A
>>>>>> going to the home page does not easily find
>>>>>> outdated content.  However, some of the native language home pages,
>>>>>> the ones not maintained yet, have a worse experience.
>>>>>> -Rob
>>>>>>> Regards
>>>>>>> Ricardo
>>>> --
>>>> Alexandro Colorado
>>>> PPMC Apache OpenOffice
>> --
>> Alexandro Colorado
>> PPMC Apache OpenOffice


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