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From Alexandro Colorado <>
Subject Re: Tracking translation volunteers on the wiki
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2012 13:05:06 GMT
On 10/16/12, jan iversen <> wrote:
> DonĀ“t misunderstand me, I think everybody does a nice job in getting us in
> the right direction.
> I agree with the structure as such, it is just at the moment a pain in the
> neck when you search information (and not to forget, my old horse, the
> multiple logins).

Is called transitional period. It seems Apache people dont want to
deal with PHP, something that Sun didn't mind as much. So most
infrastructure (Mediawiki, PHPBBs, Drupal) are in a virtual
environment at the moment.

Multiple logins have always been an issue in OOo as a whole, the idea
of implementing OpenID came out several times, but many people didnt
seem to mind just having multiple accounts, so it never gained

Now at apache, doesnt seem that different except for pootle that share
your commit credentials with but neither
forums, extensions or cwiki share these credentials.

> I am just writing the last pages on "localization of AOO" describing the
> current l10n process as ground work for a discussion on where we want to
> go.

Again this should be included in MWiki IMO so there is no 'old
localization' and 'new localization'. I suggest a good start would be
to create links between them and mark outdated information as such.
MWiki had special tags for this.

<span style="border:1px solid #CC7777; background-color: #FFEDED;
padding: 4px; text-align: left; font-weight: bold; margin-bottom:
[[image:documentation_exclamation.png|40px]] This article is outdated.

> I was suggested to make a subpage of the current page in Wiki, that will be
> easy for me, but at the same time shows, that we need to make a deadline,
> freeze the wiki for a couple of days and divide the pages.
> rgds
> JanI.
> On 16 October 2012 14:34, Rob Weir <> wrote:
>> On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 6:42 AM, RGB ES <> wrote:
>> > 2012/10/16 jan iversen <>
>> >
>> >> I is just a matter of how many accounts do you want to
>> maintain
>> >> in order to help on AOO.
>> >>
>> >> If I look for information regarding AOO I would look in
>> >>,
>> >> I would not think of
>> >>
>> >> or have I misunderstood something ?
>> >>
>> >> rgds
>> >> Jan I.
>> >>
>> >>
>> > If my memory do not betray me (I cannot find the thread) there was
>> > (sort-of) an agreement to use cwiki for development matters and the
>> > traditional wiki for community support. But it is better to not trust
>> > my
>> > memory... ;)
>> >
>> Historically there was a single website, that was
>> both user-facing and project-facing.  It was a single domain
>> ( as well as subdomains for distinct projects.  Behind
>> this domain were static web pages, a wiki, forums, extensions and
>> template libraries, etc.  So behind the scenes it was quite complex,
>> but to everyone it looked like "".
>> With the move to Apache the services were arranged differently.
>> Bugzilla is under an domain.   Apache Infrastructure
>> supported CWiki and MoinMoin, but not MWiki.  And all Apache projects
>> have an official page in the domain.
>> So the idea was that we would have two different experiences:  a
>> user-facing "product" website at, where we focus on
>> user-facing tasks like product information, downloads and support.
>> And a project-facing website, at an Apache domain, with information
>> for volunteers participating on the project.  So product versus
>> project.  The split is imperfect, since there is still a lot of
>> project-related content on the domain.  But I think
>> we've done a good job at making the user experience be clean.  A user
>> going to the home page does not easily find
>> outdated content.  However, some of the native language home pages,
>> the ones not maintained yet, have a worse experience.
>> -Rob
>> > Regards
>> > Ricardo

Alexandro Colorado
PPMC Apache OpenOffice

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