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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: being a newbie is sometimes difficult.
Date Sun, 14 Oct 2012 16:46:58 GMT
On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 12:09 PM, jan iversen <> wrote:
> I am getting slightly confused, can someone with more knowledge please
> spent a few words to restore the world picture for a newbie !


> During the last couple of hours, if have read mails that are more confusing
> than helping, mainly because I think I have a different the background (in
> old days apache was one very prof. project and openOffice another), so
> please excuse my stupid questions, and please correct me if I should place
> the questions elsewhere.

Are these emails on this mailing list, ooo-L10n?   I hope they were
not very confusing.

> I thought openOffice was openOffice, but now I have learned there is
> something called LO and something (which I think is the real thing) called
> AOO, is that the "old" before apache version, and AOO is the apache world ?

Sure, a brief history lesson: was the project under Sun, started back in 2000.  When
Oracle bought Sun they donated it to Apache and the project moved from
being a corporate-controlled project to being a community-run project
at Apache.  As part of this move Apache was giving the website and the
registered trademarks for "".

However, in order to adapt to Apache, we voted to rename the product
to "Apache OpenOffice", the same naming scheme used by all other
Apache projects.  It was a close vote.  Many wanted the name to be
Apache, but the current name won by narrow margins.

AOO == Apache OpenOffice == the new name for

You'll see both names in use, since we still refer to versions 3.3.0
and earlier as "".  But 3.4.0 and later is properly
called "Apache OpenOffice".

LO = "LibreOffice" is a fork of made back in 2010.

> There is also a l10n.openoffice,org homepage which suggest that there is a
> project team thinking along the same lines as I do, but it has not been
> updated since august 2008...have I missed something or am I doing parallel
> work ?

There are many pages on the website that are out of date.  But you are
in the right place.  This list is where we are working to get the
localization effort for AOO organized.  There is no other effort.

> What is the board doing, when I started working with open source long time
> ago, it was all done in our spare time. Even when I worked with apache/AXIS
> it seemed quite simple, but all this voting etc....

Where are you seeing voting?

> I have scouted around in, but do not find any answers I
> understand, can anybody give me a hint where to read ?
> Please bear over with a newbie, and cut me a bit of slack. When I start
> investing time I do research, because I want to help and not to annoy
> people.

One thing to note:  When OOo was under Sun, it was a single open
source project, and had its own governance model, with Community
Council, NLC, Engineering Steering Committee, Projects and Project
Leads, etc.  At Apache we are one project among many under the Apache
Software Foundation.   But even though it is a much larger
organization, the hierarchy is much flatter.  We're a "meritoracy".
We don't have a declared Localization Lead.  The person who leads is
the person who does.  The overall project has a Project Management
Committee (PMC) which deals with some formal matters, such as voting
on releases.  And the ASF has a Board that deals with larger
Apache-wide issues.  But within the AOO project you should not see a
lot of voting going on, at least normally.

You can read a bit more about decision making in the project here:

And this page is good for explaining things like roles at Apache:



> have a nice sunday.
> Jan I.
> Ps. I am still working hard on the Localization document, and if the
> compiler wasn´t playing with me I would be one step further.

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