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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Basque traslation
Date Sat, 01 Dec 2012 16:02:56 GMT
> I think I can help in the translatios in basque

Hello Miguel, welcome!

You are the first volunteer who contacted us so far to update the Basque 
translation. Basque is 97% complete, so with a few days of work it will 
be possible to bring it at 100% and release it.

A few important details:
- You must submit your translation by December 31st to have it 
integrated in January
- Translating will not require any special skills; but please read for some more 
- You will need PO files for Basque before you start; I expect Juergen 
to make them (and the Spanish ones, see below) available to you in a few 
days and reply to this message when done, but please write again if you 
don't receive them.

> if I have the translation in English and in Spanish.

It is probably possible to provide you with English->Basque PO files and 
English->Spanish PO files to use as a reference. Then we can give you 
advice on how to open them simultaneously.

> Is posible to work with languaje files in my computer and send them when
> done?

Yes, this is how we work now. You will find all details at the web page 


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