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From Gisli Kristjansson <>
Subject Re: Translation question
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2012 12:13:21 GMT
On 4.12.2012 22:16, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> Gisli Kristjansson wrote:
>> When translating the following line:
>> <link href=\"text/shared/main0226.xhp\" name=\"Form Design
>> Toolbar\">Form Design Toolbar</link>
>> Does one ONLY translate the latter "Form Design Toolbar" substring or
>> both former and latter?
> Only the latter. If this is not clear from the tips at
> we can clarify it. But in general, preserve everything between "<" and 
> ">".
> Regards,
>   Andrea.

To my annoyance I now notice that most of the "name" attributes have 
been translated from english to icelandic by the ones that worked on the 
translation ahead of me !  This means that the work is in need of a huge 
revision and review, or what ?

Had they only asked for guidance from the group before doing this...  
Oh, well...


Gísli Kristjánsson

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