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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Please report on your translation status
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2012 21:46:14 GMT
We have until 31 December or shortly after to complete the translations 
for new languages to be released in January. An amazing number of 
volunteers showed up, but it is time to check the status of ongoing 
translations. I would like to complete
by adding a status for each of the following translations.

Could volunteers (at least, those who already received PO files) say how 
we should consider their translation?
- ABANDONED: they won't have time until the end of 2012, so we will 
reassign the translation to the next volunteers who show up
- READY TO START: no work has been done yet, but the translator is 
available and just needs some guidance/coordination/time
- ONGOING: in this case, we will direct to them all new volunteers who 
join, so that it is possible to split work
- COMPLETED: so far, I think we have Danish, Polish (aside from some 
integration fixes to be done) and Scottish Gaelic ready. Has any other 
volunteer/team completed their work?

I will wait for 3 days, according to the normal Apache procedures, and 
then I'll consider that we can reassign PO files for languages where no 
work is being done, in order to allow new volunteers to help effectively.

Here is the list of languages:

Arabic (ar)
Assamese (as)
Asturian (ast)
Basque (eu)
Danish (da) - COMPLETED (jani)
English Australia (en_AU)
Greek (el)
Icelandic (is) - ONGOING 	  	  	  	
Kazakh (kk)
Kurdish (ku)
Norwegian Bokmal (nb)
Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)
Polish (pl) - COMPLETED (several volunteers)
Portuguese PT (pt_PT)
Scottish Gaelic (gd) - COMPLETED (Michael Bauer)
Swedish (sv)
Tamil (ta)
Turkish (tr)
Uighur (ug)
(I may have forgotten your language, just add it here!)


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