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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Please report on your translation status
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2012 09:47:40 GMT
On 12/7/12 11:14 PM, janI wrote:
> HI.
> Can you please add one more status: "UPDATING", which means the current
> volunteers are doing QA work and that  will be uploaded to the pootle
> server before 31 December. This is the case with "da".
> In which column should I add the information.

We should simply add a new column "Update Pootle". The column
"Integrated into sources?" should be changed to "Integrated into AOO34

For trunk we will have a new target and new sdf/po files reflected the
changed structure and new strings soon.


> Jan.
> On 7 December 2012 22:46, Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:
>> We have until 31 December or shortly after to complete the translations
>> for new languages to be released in January. An amazing number of
>> volunteers showed up, but it is time to check the status of ongoing
>> translations. I would like to complete
>> AOO+3.4.1+Respin+for+**additional+languages<>
>> by adding a status for each of the following translations.
>> Could volunteers (at least, those who already received PO files) say how
>> we should consider their translation?
>> - ABANDONED: they won't have time until the end of 2012, so we will
>> reassign the translation to the next volunteers who show up
>> - READY TO START: no work has been done yet, but the translator is
>> available and just needs some guidance/coordination/time
>> - ONGOING: in this case, we will direct to them all new volunteers who
>> join, so that it is possible to split work
>> - COMPLETED: so far, I think we have Danish, Polish (aside from some
>> integration fixes to be done) and Scottish Gaelic ready. Has any other
>> volunteer/team completed their work?
>> I will wait for 3 days, according to the normal Apache procedures, and
>> then I'll consider that we can reassign PO files for languages where no
>> work is being done, in order to allow new volunteers to help effectively.
>> Here is the list of languages:
>> Arabic (ar)
>> Assamese (as)
>> Asturian (ast)
>> Basque (eu)
>> Danish (da) - COMPLETED (jani)
>> English Australia (en_AU)
>> Greek (el)
>> Icelandic (is) - ONGOING
>> Kazakh (kk)
>> Kurdish (ku)
>> Norwegian Bokmal (nb)
>> Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)
>> Polish (pl) - COMPLETED (several volunteers)
>> Portuguese PT (pt_PT)
>> Scottish Gaelic (gd) - COMPLETED (Michael Bauer)
>> Swedish (sv)
>> Tamil (ta)
>> Turkish (tr)
>> Uighur (ug)
>> (I may have forgotten your language, just add it here!)
>> Regards,
>>   Andrea.

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