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From Claudio Filho <>
Subject Re: Proposal: communications/workflow for new languages
Date Sat, 23 Feb 2013 22:36:08 GMT

2013/2/23 janI <>:
> Translators can use pootle today without having signed a ICLA, however the
> submitted translations will be saved as suggestions until approved by a
> committer. This process is equivalent to volunteers submitting patches.

Yes. And this actor is represented in my image, but without any
recognition of his efforts. And if I have a good guy in my translation
team and I wish "to promote" him to translator, but without power of

A new level between "nobody" volunteer and a commiter. Many times,
volunteer translators wish just his name there, independent of
license. Is a intermediate step between "john doe" and "signed ICLA

Do we can't accept this type of contribution?

One example was the pt-BR translation for OOo. I splitted the PO files
between a team, where only some guys has connection with international
project. We did in some months all translation and returned under my
name. How i hasn't way of recognize them efforts in international
pages, i did a page with their names, where have credits for all
people that help in translation (and any other part of brazilian

And why i did this? Because the tools (in there time) isn't easy for
translators (many times, doctors, teachers, etc) without skills in IT.

Maybe the best way can be open the registration for new volunteers at
pootle, where this new users can suggest, so a commiter reviews their
contributions and help them to be commiters too.

I think that recognition is one of our "coin" here.

> I cannot find the BSD license remark on our version of the pootle server,
> we have our general ASF license. Please remember that since the server runs
> on a ASF VM work done on it automatically get the ASF license. The pootle
> server run by the pootle team uses the BSD license.

No. *IF* we to enable the "registration" (or "new account"), to give a
check box where you need to accept that all your contributions in this
pootle are licensed under Apache license, like when you subscribe in a
web service like Google or Yahoo!, where you agree with its terms.

>> I understand that this process can be adopted by us, Ipsis litteris,
>> changing the license by Apache.
> Already done on our server (unless I have misunderstood something).

We haven't registration for new volunteers in our pootle, like in Lauchpad[1].

>> I think that we have the same idea, Janl. And using your "way" (with
>> images) in new propose for l10n, i did a flow explaining my idea[1].
>> [1]
> This is pretty much how it works at the moment. I would like to go one
> step further and allow non-ICLA users to review and add translations, not
> only suggestions. With svn it is really no problem, if we want to do a
> rollback, and the user can see the effect imidiatly.
> Problem with suggestions are that they are not controlled in the review
> section of pootle, meaning the committer has more work.

Humm.. so need more study over this tool. Thanks by your comments.


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