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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Proposal: communications/workflow for new languages
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2013 00:57:24 GMT
What happens today:

1) Every few days someone posts to the list that they want to help
translate AOO.

2) Sometimes it is a new language, in other cases it is one where some
volunteers have previously expressed interest.

3) If it is a new language, Juergen creates a PO file, uploads it to and notifies the volunteer.  If it is a language
where there are other volunteers, then Andrea tries to connect the

4) When a translation is done the new files are attached to a BZ issue.

An interesting idea is to use Bugzilla from the very start.  Then BZ
can help wit the routine communications, including keeping the
volunteers coordinated.

For example:

1) Point new volunteers to BZ from the start.  If you want to work on
a new language then create a new BZ issue.  We can then assign the
issue to Juergen.

2) When the PO files are available Juergen marks the BZ issue as
"Accepted".  The volunteer(s) is automatically notified by Bugzilla,
so no extra email is required.

3) When a new volunteer wants to join, we can point them to the BZ
issue.  The files are there, as well as the names of the other
volunteers.  Adding a comment to the BZ issue causes it to be sent to
all volunteers working on that language.

4) When translation is done, the issue is marked and Juergen can
integrate the new translation.

Would this help?


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