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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: "Kid" language
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2013 22:13:58 GMT
janI wrote:
> How is the hex code generated for the kid language ? Do we have a special
> tool for it ?

No idea, but I don't think there was any logic we relied on, and 
actually the alphabet was changed at a certain point to use a larger set 
(more compact strings: compare "65535 File", "FFFF File", "k,J file"). 
So in the latest version identifiers were not hex numbers.

And identifiers were juxtaposed to the human-readable form so that you 
could have a "en-US kid build" with strings like "2,J Save", "tH3 Open" 
and an "it kid build" with strings like "2,J Salva", "tH3 Apri". This 
message confirms that we had kid builds in more languages, so this 
partially corrects what I was saying (link is of course dead):

> it should add a number in the kid language,
> which are autoincremented. This is of course assumed that there are no
> logic in the hex number.

Provided it's unique (or autoincrementing, as you wish), it will be 
fine, unless someone has better knowledge and can make a better use of 
the identifiers. But I really believe that uniqueness is all we need.


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