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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Updated Swedish Dictionary
Date Wed, 22 May 2013 15:49:21 GMT
On 21/05/2013 Göran Andersson wrote:
>> [Andrea] ?
>> We will take the latest version of that extensions when we package
>> OpenOffice 4.x
> Does this mean that OpenOffice 4.x will include the old and incomplete
> version of my Swedish hunspell dictionary unless someone agrees to be the
> maintainer of the official extension? That would be very unfortunate.

No, it just means that we will take the latest version from there. If 
nobody is maintaining it but you are able to provide updated files to 
include in it, then it's fine and I can continue to maintain it (as 
packager only, always ready to reassign it to a native speaker).

> For several reasons, I will not become the official maintainer any
> OpenOffice extension. Perhaps you could find someone who understands
> Swedish and is willing to test the new version of the dictionary? Then, if
> the tests shows that the upgrade is worthwhile, maybe you, Andrea, could
> update the extension?

Let's proceed this way:
1) Send me the updated dictionary files (if they are the same as in the 
link you sent earlier, just confirm it and I will take them from there)
2) I'll put a new version of online
3) I'd appreciate that a native speaker (like you!) has a look with the 
latest 4.x snapshot, to check that the extension works (I can do it too, 
but I can't judge on the dictionary quality)
4) I'll update the sources to include the latest version in OpenOffice 4.x.

> The hunspell version used by
> OpenOffice 3.4.0 and older has a few severe bugs (e.g. resulting in
> malformed words as suggestions) and missing features which are truly
> essential when spellchecking Swedish texts.

This is interesting to know. Nothing forbids from updating Hunspell in 
OpenOffice 4.x if desirable. We just need to be in contact and I'll need 
some specific test cases and feedback.


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