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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Khmer spelling dictionary for OpenOffice: repackaging needed
Date Mon, 27 May 2013 07:10:45 GMT
All dictionaries we include in OpenOffice, except one, are now taken 
from the official Extensions repository. The missing one is the main 
English dictionary and the reason is that if I try to upload it to the 
Extensions site it conflicts with the Khmer dictionary (which has a 
wrong internal identifier).

This is the message I sent three weeks ago to the dictionary maintainer, 
Tim. If Tim cannot take care of it I will produce the fixed Khmer 
extension in the next days and have it uploaded to the Extensions site, 
to solve the conflict without damaging users.


Hi, you are listed as a contact for this dictionary at the OpenOffice 
Extensions site:

We are now consolidating all dictionaries for the upcoming OpenOffice 
version 4.0 on the Extensions site and there is a problem with your 
dictionary: it has the same identifier as the main English dictionary 
and, due to this, we cannot upload the main English dictionary there.

To solve the conflict, you should just upload a new release where, in 
description.xml, you replace
     <identifier value="org.openoffice.en.hunspell.dictionaries" />
     <identifier value="" />
(you can also bump the version number, but everything else can be left 

Should you need any assistance, just ask me. If you can't take action, 
please tell us and we will try to fix it in some other way, but we will 
definitely have to solve this in the next days.


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