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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE]: translation deadline June 18th latest
Date Wed, 29 May 2013 06:43:08 GMT
On 5/29/13 12:11 AM, RGB ES wrote:
> 2013/5/28 Jürgen Schmidt <>
>> Hi,
>> on the dev list I have proposed our way towards the AOO 4.0 release and
>> one important part is the translation.
>> I proposed a deadline of June 14th but had to correct myself because I
>> am not available form June 14-17 and it seems that I again will be the
>> bottleneck.
>> Anyway I will start to integrate the last translations on June 18th.
>> Ideally the translations will be available as soon as possible that we
>> can integrate them in time and can provide snapshot builds.
>> I plan to integrate the first finished translations next week.
>> Translations that will be finished later will be included in a potential
>> language update release. Important is the finished UI translation. But a
>> complete help translation is appreciated as well ;-) but no release
>> stopper from my point of view because we had released languages where
>> the help is still English only.
>> Further discussion on the translation deadline and further proceeding on
>> the l10n list.
> How translation errors will be managed *after* this deadline? Considering
> that there are no localized snapshot yet, this deadline does not give too
> much time for testing.

I agree that the timeline is very tight but I don't want to set to
early. Some of the translation are already finished and will be
integrated asap and will be part of the snapshot builds.

The deadline is only for those who can't do it earlier. We can set the
deadline to June 12 but even then I can't guarantee that I can integrate
everything before June 14th. I thought it make more sense to give people
the weekend to complete their work.

My recommendation is to finish the translation asap and don't wait on
the last second.

Maybe you missed my point that I will integrate finished translations on
demand when they are finished and integrate them in the snapshot builds.

If you have better idea please let us know, I am open for everything.


> Regards
> Ricardo
>> Regards
>> Juergen
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