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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Polish translation of Sidebar
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2013 12:03:37 GMT
Mateusz . wrote:
>> From: On 6/3/13 12:30 PM, Mateusz . wrote:
>>> I translated sidebar in LibreOffice which (how we know) comes
>>> from AOO4. I see your project suffer from lack of Polish
>>> translators so I thought it would be fair, giving back something
>>> from LO community.

Very good, thank you! This ought to be the norm rather than the 
exception... By the way, Polish has been 100% translated and released 
for OpenOffice 3.4.1 in January 2013 so we do have Polish translators, 
but I'm not sure how they are managing the 4.x translation. Anyway, you 
would be more than welcome if you want to join the team, you are still 
perfectly in time to make it for the OpenOffice 4.0 release.

>> To accept your patches (po
>> files) we need some written approval from you that you contribute
>> your work under the ALv2 to AOO. Ideally a signed iCLA.

Juergen is right: this is the ideal situation, especially for code that 
comes from other project and is relicensed. For minor contributions, 
however, we don't require this: attaching your files to Bugzilla is OK, 
see Juergen's last and answer, more details below.

> To be honest with you I don't want send my data to any organization.
> I specially crate this e-mail alias to get more anonymity (and less
> spam), and suddenly someone want my last name and home address. Of
> course I dont assume that Apache will sell my personal data, but this
> dealing is just against my privacy policy. There is another problem.
> According to i must send back
> scan of statement, but I don't have scanner. For now I really can
> only send e-mail with license statement. I think about iCLA in near
> future. So, where should I send statement?

Then, the way to make your contribution is to:
- open an issue on (if there are too many 
fields, don't worry: we will fix them as needed; you can copy some 
fields from )
- attach your translation to it
- state in the issue body that you are the author of the contributed 
files and that you are contributing them under the Apache License, 
version 2.

That will work for the time being. As you can understand, for larger 
contributions we usually need better guarantees, hence the need for 
signed forms.

Anonymity is not a problem at Apache. We even have committers (those 
with an address) who chose to stay anonymous and who 
contribute under a pseudonym. This is accepted at Apache, but on the 
form you will need to specify your full name. The form information is 
regarded as highly confidential and it is only accessible to the 
OpenOffice Project Management Committee.


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