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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Please review translation errors, reported by gsicheck for Spanish
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2013 18:55:25 GMT

I started to reintegrate finished translations ... I do that by merge
the stuff back into a sdf file and run gsicheck on the new sdf.

I noticed some problems in the Spanish translation and this time I would
like to fix them on Pootle to avoid the same problems again.

Please review

1. mismatched <emph> tag ->,target,locations&unit=13160948

2. unexpected <bookmark> tag ->,target,locations&unit=13161994

3. missing close tag </ahelp> ->,target,locations

4. mismatched id ->,target,locations&unit=13150002

5. mismatched hid ->,target,locations&unit=13165229

6. one mismatch hid but I can#t locate it on Pootle :-(, see
helpcontent2	source\text\shared\optionen\01060500.xhp	0	help
par_id3147576	2			0	es	\<ahelp hid=\".\"\>Define la configuración de
cálculo de las hojas de cálculo.\</ahelp\> Define el comportamiento de
las hojas de cálculo con referencias iterativa, la configuración de
fecha y las posiciones decimales, y especifica si se deben tener en
cuenta las mayúsculas y minúsculas al buscar en las hojas.				20130521
helpcontent2	source\text\shared\optionen\01060500.xhp	0	help
par_id3147576	2			0	en-US	\<ahelp hid=\".\"\>Defines the calculation
settings for spreadsheets.\</ahelp\> Defines the behavior of
spreadsheets with iterative references, the date settings, the number of
decimal places, and if capitalization or lower cases are to be
considered when searching within sheets.				20130521 10:30:32

Well I am able to fix this on my own but I would like to raise some
awareness for this typical kind of errors. I know that it is not easy
and this errors are natural but maybe it's possible to double check
these tags and id's.

Nevertheless thanks for you work ;-)


PS: it's would be just a little help for me and this kind of checks can
be done by other volunteers. If somebody s interested to help here
please let me know. I can provide all necessary info to run gsicheck on
a prepared gsicheck ready sdf file.

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