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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Mnemonics (in Slovak version and possibly others)
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2013 22:12:40 GMT
I had a look at what mnemonics look like in the Slovak snapshot 
(actually not the snapshot but my own build, this should be tested with 
the snapshot from


See and note:

- Not all the main menu items (here in Writer) are assigned a mnemonic. 
This should be checked.

- Within the menus, it seem that the algorithm assigns mnemonics 
correctly (Michal, do you remember if you used the ~ signs or not? Maybe 
you can check in Pootle). There is a conflict in the open menu ("Polia", 
where all letters are already taken, is not assigned any menmonics) but 
all the items above and below are OK.

I wonder if these mnemonics are assigned in a suboptimal way by the VCL 
algorithm, if main menus are missing because the algorithm does not 
apply to them, if non-ASCII characters get in the way, if it is just 
something in my build... This is definitely something to investigate better.


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