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From Michal Hriň <>
Subject Re: Mnemonics (in Slovak version and possibly others)
Date Sat, 15 Jun 2013 11:44:07 GMT
Dňa Fri, 14 Jun 2013 00:12:40 +0200 Andrea Pescetti <>

> I had a look at what mnemonics look like in the Slovak snapshot  
> (actually not the snapshot but my own build, this should be tested with  
> the snapshot from  
> too).

Hi Andrea,

it's written that accelerators "~" are assigned automatically, so there is
no need to add it to translations. But there is problem, in some areas
(UI parts) are assigned in some not. It seems that accelerators will be
problematic in other languages too.

> See and note:
> - Not all the main menu items (here in Writer) are assigned a mnemonic.  
> This should be checked.

In this main menu I removed some accelerators and I expected that they  
will be
assigned automatically, but that is in conflict with another UI part.  
(maybe sidebar?)

> - Within the menus, it seem that the algorithm assigns mnemonics  
> correctly (Michal, do you remember if you used the ~ signs or not? Maybe  
> you can check in Pootle). There is a conflict in the open menu ("Polia",  
> where all letters are already taken, is not assigned any menmonics) but  
> all the items above and below are OK.

This is bug, but
This is problem with priorities. What accelerator has higher priority ?
My written or automatically added ? In mentioned string on picture
"Polia" has my accelerator "~Polia", but in the same UI part
(context / rolled menu) is already accelerator automatically added to
char "P" in string "Porovnať dokument".

So there I have conflict in accelerators automatically added an my.

> I wonder if these mnemonics are assigned in a suboptimal way by the VCL  
> algorithm, if main menus are missing because the algorithm does not  
> apply to them, if non-ASCII characters get in the way, if it is just  
> something in my build... This is definitely something to investigate  
> better.

I try to summarize my ideas :

- in which parts is accelerators assigned automatically
(when can letter f.e: "P" be again used ?), in which not ?

- priorities, if I assigned  f.e: letter "P" as accelerator
why algorithm blocks this letter ?

- we have accelerators in sidebar which doesn't make sense at all !!!


If I forgot something, I'll write it later.

PS. I got problem on my head now, what will I do ?
I remove all accelerators "~" or somehow I fix it ?

Michal Hriň

> Regards,
>    Andrea.

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