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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Pootle and SDF update actions (Re: Ukrainian 4.0 Pootle)
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2013 11:49:40 GMT
On 30/07/2013 J├╝rgen Schmidt wrote:
> In general I would tend to synchronize all but I would like to avoid
> overhead as well. If there is nobody working on a language it will take
> our time to work with this files for nothing.
> What do others think? Should we focus on active languages and add
> further languages on demand only? Or should do a one time shot and
> synchronize all to remove the sdf files and have everything as po files
> as part of Jan's work.

In this moment, the best solution (which requires a lot of work, 
unfortunately; but it would be a one-time update) would be:

1) For languages that have 3.4.1 but not 4.0.0 in Pootle (e.g., bg or 
sr): update Pootle-3.4.1 -> trunk SDF files as a backup, to save work 
done so far.

2) For languages that have 4.0.0 in Pootle: update Pootle-4.0.0 -> trunk 
SDF files, to get corrections done after 4.0 was released (e.g., de)

3) Import all files, for all the 120+ supported languages, back from SDF 
to Pootle, in a new "4.0.1" project or in the old 4.0.0 project as 
Juergen/Jan see best for the sake of releases and the new genLang.

4) Remove the old 3.4.1 (and 4.0.0) from Pootle so that we only have one 
active Pootle project, in sync with trunk, and we can immediately use 
volunteers who in the current setting have to wait and can't do anything 
(like, at the moment, sr, sh and bg).


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