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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Pootle and SDF update actions (Re: Ukrainian 4.0 Pootle)
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2013 12:50:56 GMT
janI wrote:
> On 3 August 2013 13:49, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> 1) For languages that have 3.4.1 but not 4.0.0 in Pootle (e.g., bg or sr):
>> update Pootle-3.4.1 ->  trunk SDF files...
>> 2) For languages that have 4.0.0 in Pootle: update Pootle-4.0.0 ->  trunk
>> SDF files, to get corrections done after 4.0 was released (e.g., de)
>> 3) Import all files, for all the 120+ supported languages, back from SDF
>> to Pootle, in a new "4.0.1" project or in the old 4.0.0 project as
>> Juergen/Jan see best for the sake of releases and the new genLang.
> This is actual a thing in both directions, for 3.4.1 we have lang in pootle
> which are not in sdf, and lang. in sdf which are not in pootle.

This would be fixed by step 1: step 1 would be used to update SDF files 
but also to create new ones. Actually, adding a language is much more 
than adding a SDF file, but this doesn't need to be addressed now (i.e., 
we can see them just as resources right now, we needn't build OpenOffice 
in those languages; and if we have something htat is only in Pootle, 
then it is a new language and probably won't be ready for months).

> I am strongly for a 4.0.1 project.

OK. It seems that the 4.0 language updates release and the 4.0.1 bugfix 
release could be merged to be the same release, so it makes sense to 
prepare Pootle for 4.0.1.

> Just a little advice, once genLang goes live, a number of pootle keys will
> change, so after that point it will not be easy to compare old work with
> new work.

This will need to be properly communicated at due time, so that we don't 
risk losing work done by translation volunteers.


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