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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Native Site Update
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2013 16:18:36 GMT
Christos Stefanidis wrote:
> I see different structure and pages from the English one. What should I do?
> ...try to be alike the today's English brunch and delete any of the old
> ones? Can I add my own html touches? Please advice if there is a template.

This is up to you. We've had different approaches so far, but this is 
mostly due to a lot of legacy pages that most languages would need to 
rearrange. Note: if you go for a full redesign, the web-based CMS won't 
be enough. You will need to checkout your files in SVN. You would start with
svn checkout
and then we can explain more.

> Moreover I want to know:
> 1. I see some people and
> many references to outside urls. Keep them as shown, or add them to cwiki,
> some of them are referred as donations.

This is marked as a legacy page and can stay as such.

> 2. I see: "Translation of in Greek coordinates Kostas
> Papadimas. " and an non-official forum site. Is he
> around?
> More:
> Dimitris Korbeti korb at openoffice dot org
> Costas Koumantaros kkoum at openoffice dot org
> Are they here, as well?

Haven't heard these names on the l10n list so far. Keep in mind that 
everything (e-mail addresses, mailing lists) was retired 
in early 2012 (or around that time).

> 3. I see references for
> Greek mailing list. Are those alive? Can we use?

Same. If they are (or, they are now 
dead. But you can surely create a Greek user list. You need a short 
discussion on the dev list (justifying that there will be some traffic 
there) and then you can ask for a list to be created. See for an example (your 
list can be named for example).


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