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From "Marco A.G.Pinto" <>
Subject Introduction
Date Sat, 10 Aug 2013 22:48:57 GMT

I am Marco Pinto from Portugal.

Since the 1990s that I have dedicated my free time to several projects, 
both translating and coding and also beta testing.

A few years ago I decided to take part of the project, so 
I unofficially sent e-mails to the persons in charge of the pt_PT 
suggesting words for the dictionary (speller) and thesaurus and also 
reported typos I found. Recently the Dic+The+Hyph of pt_PT is owned by 
Minho University in Portugal and I am in contact via e-mail with them.

I wanted to do more, so I started developing my tool, Proofing Tool GUI 
[1] [2], and I sent an e-mail to the Minho University guys saying that I 
wanted to help improve the Thesaurus and I have already added several 
words using my tool. Nothing official though...

As I improve my tool (I am currently working on the derived words 
showing like Andrea Pescetti and other persons suggested) I also wanted 
to get more involved in projects such as Firefox and Thunderbird. In 
Mozilla channels (IRC) I offered myself to improve the speller of en_GB 
since it is full of typos and missing words, and they told me to fork 
it. I tried to contact Lucas twice, who was the person making the 
dictionary compatible with latest releases of Thunderbird but I never 
got a reply.

Also, regarding my tool, I need help concerning the decoding of words. I 
went to Hunspell on Source Forge and downloaded the three PDFs. The 
third one, *hunspell4.pdf*, says on page 2:
***Hunspell source distribution contains more than 80 examples for 
option usage."*

Can someone send me the text with the 80 examples?


Kind regards,
         >Marco A.G.Pinto

[1] (V2.0)

[2] (V2.1 being coded)


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