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From Mechtilde <>
Subject Re: Improving Translation
Date Sun, 11 Aug 2013 14:33:31 GMT
Hello JanI,

Am 11.08.2013 16:14, schrieb janI:
> On 11 August 2013 15:59, Mechtilde <> wrote:
>> Hello JanI,

<skip the tex of the *.po file>

>> neither the KeyID nor the text like "STRING XXXXXXXX".
> Sorry for my misunderstanding, I am deep in genLang so KeyId is something
> different to me.
> The text "String XXXX.." seems to be the database record number, and may
> change when we upload changed po files (depending on the implementation).
> the keyID is build by our build procedure as you write, and I dont think
> there is a relation.
> jsc explained to the that the kid is contained in its own sdf file (not
> converted to po)
> hope that helps a bit

I know the special *.sdf file of the keyid. But this didn't fit my
needs. I can't identify the exact string matching to the keyid. But I
need an exact matching to set the shortcuts using by ALT-key.

Kind regards


>>>> At
>>>> I see at the legt side the place where the string is like
>>>> accessiblestrings.src#RID_STR_ACC_NAME_BROWSEBUTTON.string.text and
>>>> accessibility/source/helper.po
>>>> At the bottom in the middle I can read "String 12739446". In the KeyID
>>>> Build I get the information "y9+w<6". Now I want to bring together these
>>>> informations.
>>>> Where can I get the Information "String XXXXXXXX" combinded with the
>>>> filename or combined with the keyID?

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