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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Introduction
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2013 17:07:13 GMT
On 13/08/2013 Ricardo Palomares Martínez wrote:
> It is right there, inside the /tests folder of the .tar.gz Andrea
> pointed you to. Each test seems to be made of several files

I confirm those are the files I mentioned.

> I've learned by example while editing the dictionaries, so I may be
> wrong. Also, there are some keywords in the aff test files that I
> don't recognize.

Same for me, and thank you Ricardo for the very comprehensive 
explanations. I'm a Hunspell user rather than a developer, so I learnt 
what I need for dictionary maintenance and I look at more advanced stuff 
as needed.

> Good luck with your software. To be honest, I was thinking of writting
> a Java program for the aff/dic part, but I'm lazy and I thought the
> first thing to do would be to port Hunspell to Java, which is a huge
> task for me

In Marco's case, he only needs to expand words, so rather than writing a 
full Hunspell replacement he needs to replicate the functionality of the 
"unmunch" tool (a tool that takes the stem, say "love", and computes 
"loved", "loves", "loving" and other derivatives) that can be found in 
the same source package.


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