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From Pedro Albuquerque <>
Subject Re: Request about the original PO file for all of AOO translation
Date Thu, 29 Aug 2013 09:34:33 GMT
Em 29/08/2013 08:41, Andrea Pescetti escreveu:
> janI wrote:
>> On Aug 28, 2013 11:36 PM, "Andrea Pescetti" wrote:
>> on my pc that link opens as "aoo40 / arabic" without the po download 
>> button
>> ?
> Arabic? Odd... but now that you say it, indeed I see "Arabic" in the 
> drop-down list too. Probably a display bug that picks the first 
> element in the list: there's nothing resembling Arabic on that page.
It maybe a display bug but it's not the first item on the list. My 
interface is in Portuguese, the first item is "Alemão" and still shows 
"Arábico" (second on the list).
> On the right hand side, I see "Actions" and this includes the 
> "Download (.zip)" link. The download URL is 
> . Isn't this 
> displayed for others? My screenshot:
I don't get the download button as well:

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