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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Native Site Update
Date Sun, 04 Aug 2013 14:50:33 GMT
On Sun, Aug 4, 2013 at 9:18 AM, Christos Stefanidis
<> wrote:
> Petro I cannot agree with you more...  we need a template, that's why I
> remember my first visit on the site: it seems to me chaotic with no
> consistency at all. If you have no experience at all with html code, I
> think it will be very difficult to help and follow... The information
> Andrea and Ricardo provide us is a good start, so you could edit the exist
> pages. Good luck.

It is possible to start fresh with a new home page for Greek and/or
Portuguese.  If we did that we'd start with the same template used for
the English home page.  This can be translated, e.g., here is the
German version:

This would require translating the entire root page, and optionally
translating some of the linked pages.   As you see the German page
translates the linked download page as well.

But the Spanish page translates the many of the other pages one-level deep:

This can grow over time, starting with just the root page and adding
more translations later.

If you like this approach let me know and I can set up a "test" site
where you can work on the translation.  When it is ready we can then
copy it over and replace the existing Greek site.



> Moreover we should think/use an approach like LibreOffice does it:
> with a standard
> website template and a standard index pages. Then the text on the pootle
> servers, for anybody to help. If you look their
> site<>you will understand the difference.
> Now on our situation, everything should look like this Spanish brunch:
> I cannot understand how he/she did
> it. Well done, good job!
> Regards,
> /Christos.
> On Sat, Aug 3, 2013 at 9:09 PM, Pedro Albuquerque
> <>wrote:
>> Em 03/08/2013 17:18, Andrea Pescetti escreveu:
>>  Christos Stefanidis wrote:
>>>> I see different structure and pages from the English one. What should I
>>>> do?
>>>> ...try to be alike the today's English brunch and delete any of the old
>>>> ones? Can I add my own html touches? Please advice if there is a
>>>> template.
>>> This is up to you. We've had different approaches so far, but this is
>>> mostly due to a lot of legacy pages that most languages would need to
>>> rearrange. Note: if you go for a full redesign, the web-based CMS won't be
>>> enough. You will need to checkout your files in SVN. You would start with
>>> svn checkout**
>>> asf/openoffice/ooo-site/trunk/**content/el<>
>>> and then we can explain more.
>>>  Moreover I want to know:
>>>> 1. I see some people**welcome/credits.html<>and
>>>> many references to outside urls. Keep them as shown, or add them to
>>>> cwiki,
>>>> some of them are referred as donations.
>>> This is marked as a legacy page and can stay as such.
>>>  2. I see: "Translation of in Greek coordinates Kostas
>>>> Papadimas. " and an non-official forum site.
>>>> Is he
>>>> around?
>>>> More:
>>>> Dimitris Korbeti korb at openoffice dot org
>>>> Costas Koumantaros kkoum at openoffice dot org
>>>> Are they here, as well?
>>> Haven't heard these names on the l10n list so far. Keep in mind that
>>> everything (e-mail addresses, mailing lists) was retired
>>> in early 2012 (or around that time).
>>>  3. I see**about-mailinglist.html<>references
>>>> Greek mailing list. Are those alive? Can we use?
>>> Same. If they are (or, they are now
>>> dead. But you can surely create a Greek user list. You need a short
>>> discussion on the dev list (justifying that there will be some traffic
>>> there) and then you can ask for a list to be created. See
an example (your list can be named
>>> general-el@openoffice.apache.**org <>for
>>> Regards,
>>>   Andrea.
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>>>  Hi,
>> I've been following this subject. I tried to do something about Portuguese
>> - Pt pages but it's too much for me. I'm a complete rookie with Web pages
>> (absolute zero would define me better). So, to keep the site up to date,
>> (and so far it seems that I'm the only one interested in Portugal) I see
>> two options:
>> 1. to start over, it would really make it easy for me if there was a
>>    template, a base page (with only the essential and legal information
>>    and links) to use as an example and, eventually, from there extend a
>>    little the information present. That way, maybe I could try and
>>    develop other sub-pages off line and add them when fully checked. It
>>    would surely make me more comfortable doing that work; about this
>>    link,
>> content/pt<>
>> ,
>>    it should be the appropriate for me, right? Can I use the code with
>>    other software? Some kind of WYSIWYG? Or would it be best to star
>>    over? I read about one here,
>>    http://web-design-software-****
>> easy-professional-review.html<>
>>    that should be simple to use and not very expensive. Is it possible
>>    to upload the final result to AOO site/trunk(??!)?
>> 2. to change all the previous work using ASF CMS bookmarklet is still a
>>    bit (lot) confusing to me so I would humbly ask for a guide, like
>>    "ASF CMS for complete dummies", or "Update a AOO Web page using ASF
>>    CMS in five steps" in order to achieve a decent result for a
>>    software that I like more every day I use it.
>> Please tell me what you think. I would really like to help (or do it on my
>> own) update a very simple Portuguese - PT page.
>> Regards,
>>     Pedro.

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