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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Does Pootle have comments?
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2013 15:27:21 GMT
On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 11:17 AM, Aivaras Stepukonis
<> wrote:
> I appreciate your points and suggestions. Help is help!
> Still, if one looks at the situation in a more structural way, some
> questions that are fostered by the lack of visual context while translating
> would be best answered by creating work condition wherein they do not arise
> to begin with. We do need a way to do in-place translation right in the UI.
> A lot of questions would not be there to begin with.

That would help many of the questions, yes.  But I think even if a
translator was looking at the dialog with choices for "emboss" versus
"engrave" it might still be unclear what they meant.

But I do appreciate how powerful it would be if we could do in-place editing.

I wonder if another approach might be easier?  Is it possible at all
to generate a web page (HTML) that is approximately the same UI as a
menu or a dialog or a message box in OpenOffice?  Even if it is not
"pretty", if such a web page was accurate, then it might be easier to
link them (via HTML) to the correct place in Pootle.


> Best wishes,
> Aivaras
> 2013.08.28 17:58, Rob Weir rašė:
>> We're seeing a lot of very good questions about how to interpret the
>> English strings in Pootle.  Some of it is due to the limited context.
>> Some of it is due to the use of technical terms like "emboss".
>> What can we do to help make this easier to understand?  The questions
>> that one person asks, for one translation, are also good questions
>> that other translators will likely have?
>> 1) We could just respond to these questions on the mailing list, and
>> then ask translators to search the archives to find responses to
>> previous questions.  If we were consistent with always including the
>> string ID in the questions, this would make it easier to search for.
>> 2) Is there a way to give an explanation/comment in Pootle, or a  link
>> to an email in the archives?
>> 3) Should we make a "terminology" wiki page with all of these
>> technical terms, their definitions, and common translations?  I
>> imagine knowing how a term is translated in Russian, for example,
>> might help other Slavic languages as well, for example.
>> -Rob
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