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From Ricardo Palomares Martínez <>
Subject Re: Dictionary updates for version 4.0.1
Date Sun, 01 Sep 2013 20:33:57 GMT
El 31/08/13 22:37, Andrea Pescetti escribió:
> Please write to this list before the 6 September deadline (so, do it
> by 5 September, thanks!) if you would like to see updates to bundled
> dictionaries in OpenOffice 4.0.1.

Yes, we'd like to update the Spanish dictionary to version 0.7. From
what I've seen at

currently the shipped Spanish dictionary is the variant for Spain. We
have a lot of variants for different countries, plus a neutral
dictionary; I'm not sure if it would be better to ship the neutral
Spanish version; anyway, these are the links to the dictionaries:


Neutral Spanish:

As we've released the 0.7 version after a year of changes and
transition, it would be great to ship this update in the new
OpenOffice download. Thanks a lot.

Ricardo Palomares (RickieES)
Skype: rickie0341971

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