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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Where is "Start style" in UI?
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2013 17:46:22 GMT

Aivaras Stepukonis schrieb:
> There is a methodical way to navigate from a UI element to the text
> string describing it, but I'm yet to learn of a consistent way to
> navigate from a text string to it corresponding UI element.

There is not one "consistent" way but several ways. It depends on where 
in the UI the string occurs, a menu, a symbol bar, a dialog, an error 
message. I have written some examples, from where you can get some ideas 
for searching.

> I've look at the string context of the phrase you're translating, also
> at the location reference (which also contains some valuable
> information). My guess would be it is "the style for the beginning of a
> line".

Yes it is. For tabpages you find all of its strings too, if you open the 
file for example in ViewVC or Opengrok (see Pootle user guide). Looking 
at other strings from the same dialog tabpage is indeed helpful to find 
the dialog.

The Pootle User Guide has a lot of information in the meantime. I think 
it is already worth a look, although it is still work in progress. Help 
is welcomed ;)

Kind regards

> Aivaras
> 2013.09.02 08:58, Vladislav Stevanovic rašė:
>> Hello,
>> I can not find location in UI:
>> "Start style"
>> File:cui/source/tabpages.po
>>   Locations: tabline.src#RID_SVXPAGE_LINE.STR_LB_START_STYLE.string.text
>> Please, help.
>> rr,
>> Wlada
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