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From Ricardo Palomares Martínez <>
Subject Re: Dictionary updates for version 4.0.1
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2013 20:40:47 GMT
El 02/09/13 21:51, Ricardo Berlasso escribió:
> 2013/9/1 Ricardo Palomares Martínez <>
>> From what I've seen at
>> currently the shipped Spanish dictionary is the variant for Spain. We
>> have a lot of variants for different countries, plus a neutral
>> dictionary; I'm not sure if it would be better to ship the neutral
>> Spanish version;
> That was discussed on the ES mailing list for the 3.4 release, and the
> consensus at the time was to ship es-ES as default dictionary instead of
> es-ANY. Of course this can be discussed again, but it seems to me there is
> not enough time to consider this in detail before 4.0.1 release, so I think
> it's better for now to just update es-ES to the last version and then, if
> there is interest, to discuss again the use of es-ANY for the next AOO
> release.

Oh, that's OK, I just wanted to raise awareness of es_ANY in case it
had been overseen. :-)

Ricardo Palomares (RickieES)
Skype: rickie0341971

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