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From Aivaras Stepukonis <>
Subject Language Variables as Constants...
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2013 14:33:49 GMT
It is quite disheartening to find out that some menu item 
titles/descriptors are used in several locations as one and the same 
string assuming that the linguistic expression in those locations can 
remain unchanged (constant). Unfortunate, this is an English-centric 

What has a constant linguistic form in English (thus allowing its 
repetition across the UI without the need to adapt) may actually have a 
variable linguistic form in another language (in my case, it's 
Lithuanian). Repeating such strings in the UI puts a local translator in 
a very uncomfortable position because what looks correct in one place 
may turn out to have an incorrect grammatical form in another.

I've given an example of this in an earlier e-mail.


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