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Subject Re: annoying native language
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2013 08:44:58 GMT
It is possible to have OpenOffice in Romanian, but you need to search  
a bit. Also, the installation is more cumbersome than for a regular  
build, but not a lot more.

There is no finished Romanian solution in the Apache versions, so you  
need to click the "legacy" option in the downloads box on the home  
page (see lower right of the box, version number "3.3.0"). Also, there  
is no Romanian build, so you must first download and install a full  
version in your language of choice (from the options presented), then  
download and install the Romanian language pack on top of that.

When all is installed, go to the Tools - Options menu item to adjust  
language settings.

I know nothing of Romanian, so I have no idea how good that  
translation is. Also, the translation for current version is 10%  
finished, according to the translation service, so it may be a while  
before you can have the newest version in your language.


Siterer florin filimon <>:

> HI
> I tried to download the latest version \apache 4.0.1 of open office  
> but as soon as \i type it gets me to the romanian |(  
> native) page:
> Download Apache OpenOffice
> Apache OpenOffice 4.0.1 for Română (Romanian) is not available.  
> Please choose another build from the alternative Romanian download  
> webpage.
> as it states here there is no romanian versions.\\A sa consequence I  
> cnanot dowload open office.
> I understand that The idea is to make all native feel better  
> conformtable with a version in theri native language.
> Sincerely I am not confortable to see that i cannto download  
> anything, not even the US versions.
> And by the wya I dont want to download and use my native language  
> verision but the english version.
> Probably the cookcies detect I am loggin in form an Romanian Ip  
> location and it redirects me automatically to teh romanina version  
> which does not exist.
> How can I choose by muself what version i would like to use?
> Thank
> Florin F.

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