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Subject Re: Is text segment lost?
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2013 17:57:10 GMT
Siterer Dick Groskamp <>:

> Op 3-10-2013 14:52, schreef:
>> Is there something missing from the English text?
>> -----------------
>> File: dbaccess/source/ui/querydesign.po
>> Locations: query.src#STR_ERROR_PARSING_STATEMENT.string.text
>> $object$ is based on an SQL command which could not be  
>> parsed.(except "SQL command", which doesn't make sense here) will  
>> be inserted.
>> -----------------
>> It seems to me like it is missing something in the middle, between  
>> the period and the opening parenthesis.
>> I envision a variable/placeholder, perhaps for some component of  
>> $object$ which has been parsed successfully. Also, the quoted "SQL  
>> command" looks a little out of place.
>> Even if it is correct as it is, I find myself unable to translate  
>> the string without knowing the context.
>> Sincerely
>> Kjell
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> No, nothing missing.
> You should ignore/delete everything after the period.
> The part between parenthesis should be removed
> And yes, $object$ is indeed a placeholder that couldn't be parsed.
> Leave "$object$" as it is
> and translate "is based on an SQL command which could not be parsed."
> That should be all, leave everything else out.
> String refers to a command what was written in SQL but that could  
> not be ran (parsed).
> Maybe because of a wrong word or operator in the SQL command
> Hope it is claerer so
> -- 
> DiGro

Yes, if only the first clause should be there, it makes better sense.  
The "surplus" should be removed from the English too, then, right? I  
see the same incomplete clause is also added in a few other places,  
probably an accidental paste. I will remove it where it doesn't make  

Also, I use several other support languages (Swedish, German and  
Danish), and all of them have the unwanted content translated  
verbatim. Not sure whether I have access to those areas, but I will  
have a look, given time...


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