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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Is text segment lost?
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2013 19:30:50 GMT
kjell wrote:
> Yes, if only the first clause should be there, it makes better sense.
> The "surplus" should be removed from the English too, then, right?

It is already, but for version 4.1.x. You are currently translating 
version 4.0.x since it is the latest stable one.

In general, remember that you can often find solutions in the mailing 
list archives:

For example, if you search "$object$" in you will 
find the other discussions about this problem.

> I see the same incomplete clause is also added in a few other places, probably
> an accidental paste. I will remove it where it doesn't make sense.

I remember fixing it in only one English string. If you find more, 
please provide their IDs here.

> Also, I use several other support languages (Swedish, German and
> Danish), and all of them have the unwanted content translated verbatim.
> Not sure whether I have access to those areas, but I will have a look,
> given time...

Strange that they have the wrong content, this has been discussed at 
length here. Anyway, you can currently edit other languages too, even 
though this is set to change in future (we will enable translators for 
specific languages).


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