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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Minor error in the help files in the English version?
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2013 21:23:35 GMT
Jon Peli Oleaga wrote:
> ki kibi 1024
> Mi mebi 1048576
> Gi gibi 1073741824
> Ti tebi 1099511627776
> Pi pebi 1125899906842620
> Ei exbi 1152921504606850000
> Zi zebi 1180591620717410000000
> Yi yobi 1208925819614630000000000
> I think that, in order to read them more easily, it would be better to insert the thousand
> But, if it exists, this is not the error. I think that from the fifth item on the values
are not correct.

Interesting. Apparently OpenOffice is smart enough to do the right 
thing, i.e.,

which is the right result (1 Terabyte).

I tried on a 64-bit system, not sure about what happens in a 32-bit one 
so I won't open an issue right now. But indeed it has all to do with the 
difference in how numbers are managed internally and how they are displayed.

> Any way, perhaps those values are used in some functions and, not
> being possible to work with numbers of more than 15 digits, the
> values already on the help files are the ones that must appear.

Leaving them as they are won't be tragic. But you can insert commas
as thousands separators in your translation, this is just text.


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