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From Dick Groskamp <>
Subject Re: Win 7 does not recognize type of AOO file
Date Sun, 03 Nov 2013 14:54:31 GMT
Vladislav Stevanovic schreef op 3-11-2013 15:22:
> Hello,
> When I move cursor on some icon of AOO file, in win7 we can see pop up
> message. This pop-up gives us informations about this file (title,
> type, size , date of last modification).This pop-up shows about type
> of AOO file just "????????".
> I use Serbian version of AOO 4.01.
> Why this heapens?
> Regards,
> Wlada
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This is probably a shortcoming of Windows.
I suspect you have to "connect" the files of AOO to the program you 
normally open them with.

Try this:
Right-click on a AOO file and choose Open with....

Select option "Select default program"  (might have a slightly different 
name but I'm on a Dutch Win7 and have to translate from that)

Now you probably will see a number of programs to open the file with 
(for example Firefox will be there) If your AOO program is not there 
select button Browse and search for it.
They will probably be here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenOffice 4\program\  or
C:\Program Files\OpenOffice 4\program  if your using the 64 bit

There is also a box to select "Always open these type of files with this 
program" (or something like that)
Select that box also to open the files always with your AOO-program.

An other approach is to right-click the file and choose Properties
This will show you the filetype and the program to open it with. There 
is also a button Change.. to choose another program if you want.

Apache OpenOffice 4.0.1 (Dutch) and scanned with Ziggo extended security (F-Secure)

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